I'm in heaven with this primer!

I own UDPP in the Original shade and in the Eden one. Eden is the perfect eye primer for me, I've repurchased this product and I currently own -as you can see- the one with the new packaging.

 The color is a dark yellow and the formula is slightly different from the original one, creamier and thicker. It stops eyeshadows creasing, even more than the original version IMO. It can be used by itself as well, it gives your eyes a fresh look. I've been using it also as a concealer and I've liked it just as much!
What's your fave eye primer?
 With love, S.


  1. Io uso il primer della Elf ed è fenomenale :D

  2. I used to use UDPP all the time but stopped cos I hated the old packaging, when my tube of Too Faced Shadow Insurance runs out I might go pick up the new tube of UDPP. I've also heard that the ELF primer is great too (and much cheaper!) x

  3. It looks great:)
    I'm using my regular concealer as a primer:)

  4. primer potion in the best eveeeeerrrr!!!!


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